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Keiko Niwa

My inspiration comes from nature. Many of my childhood weekends and summers were spent exploring the forests and quarries of rural Vermont and planting gardens with my dad. This experience has always influenced my work.
In 1998 I apprenticed under my father, who owned Niwa Studio Inc., an established jewelry photography studio in Manhattan, NY. I learned all the nuances of studio photography and how to see light in a whole new way.
In 2008, after years of still life work I decided to try my hand at weddings and portraits. My eye for beauty established a wedding photography business that was rewarding and enjoyable. Weddings naturally led to maternity and baby shoots. Photographing newborns became my focus and my joy.
In 2014. I decided to learn digital painting and combined my photography with my new painting skills to create some of the work you see in my portfolio.

In 2017 I was really feeling the pull of nature and I decided to take the leap into improving upon my horticulture skills so that I could cultivate beauty in new ways.

2018 is a year of learning and growing, literally and figuratively! I am starting a cut flower farm at my Upstate, NY residence and am learning willow basket weaving. I'm really excited to see everything that comes from my new passions.


Portfolio work was inspired by photographs Keiko took in Vermont, Upstate NY and Brooklyn.